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UMARO becomes part of the REM group

UMARO, a company with a tradition of over 103 years in the production of machine tools, becomes part of the REM group.

Given the impact of the results of the continuous work, REM managed to achieve performance in all fields, constantly trying to manufacture and provide the best, fastest and most reliable services. Thus, the same set of values, desires and high objectives are also directed to UMARO.

From the desire to revive and develop the capacity of the company, REM becomes the administrative entity that will take under its wings UMARO, a company with a tradition that celebrates the centenary in the production of machine tools and whose activity is focused on vertical lathes.

Umaro, which will become a real pillar in the Romanian industry, was founded in 1991 by the division of IMR, built in 1916, on the former Arsenal of the Army. Being a strategic objective, the company was bombed in June 1944, when it was evacuated. After the war, the factory resumed its activity, specializing after 1960 in the construction of machine tools for woodworking, lathes, spare parts for tractors and heavy mechanics.

In the years that followed the activity of the company was oriented on the diversification of production in the direction of specialized machines of high efficiency and precision, drilling machines, milling machines, rolling bridges, crane trucks, forklifts.

Thus, after 103 years of activity, we can say that UMARO represents the largest tradition and experience in carousel lathes, having decades of experience in machine tools.

REM was born in 2000 at the initiative of Claudiu Florin Tampu, General Manager. Owned by a 100% Romanian capital, it did not need a long period of time to enter the top of the machine tool companies in Romania. Focused on performance, quality and not least on organizational culture, REM offers top-of-the-line machines and performance solutions for the metal processing industry worldwide.

“We live in a global environment based on quality, which causes us to achieve performance in all areas. At REM, we are constantly trying to build better, faster and more reliable heavy machinery, thus fulfilling all the requirements of our customers. Over the years, after intense research, hard work and applying the latest engineering technologies, we have consolidated our status as the leading supplier of heavy machinery worldwide.

Respecting international quality standards and providing great customer support will always remain our main objective.”

Claudiu-Florin Țâmpu.
General Manage, REM

Together with UMARO, REM wants to create a favorable environment for a continuous development process based on quality. Thus, the investments that will be made in this regard will be:

  • Halls repairs and delivery of a modern work environment.
  • Modernization of existing equipment and endowment with state-of-the-art equipment and machine tools.
  • Construction of standard or on demand heavy machine tools.
  • The machines on demand will be designed by the own design department of REM, being also the largest machine tool design office in Romania.
  • Generation of 100-200 new jobs in Roman and also in the surroundings.

With such a vast experience, UMARO will constitute a suitable environment for the production of vertical lathes, rotary tables, vertical lathes for profiling, as well as vertical milling and boring centers, but not least, other machines at the customer’s request.

In a market where competition predominates, the most important element is the work, combined with perseverance, in order to break the 5 basic obstacles, as Zig Ziglar argues – “any sale has 5 major basic obstacles: there is no need, there is no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust. ”

By joining the company under the REM dome, it wants to develop its capacity, and the markets will ensure the prosperity, the well-being of the employees and the quality of the products and services.

A vision for the next 100 years

By combining the experience so far, both the REM company and the UMARO brand, the newly formed team has a complex vision for the next 100 years, thus ensuring a sustainable growth and a continuous prosperity for employees, customers, the environment, and any other interested parties.

Continuous improvement of manufacturing technologies and process automation will ensure a high quality of manufactured products.  Also, the investments in the modernization of the production facilities and the researches in the field of metal processing, will generate a series of sustainable technologies, being in accordance, both with the environment, and with the increasingly complex demands of the market.

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